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The Alternative to the 1031 Exchange - Shared screen with gallery view
Jackie Crowley
I have a Charitable Remainder Trust, can you later reduce the income % rate?
tammy reyes
is is this really only ideal for those who do not have family to pass the asset or money to? or is the family to create a Charity?
Sep Ebrahimi
what if one or both sellers pass a
John Peterson
If you pay too much and the value drops, below the initial amount, what are the negative consequences?
Sep Ebrahimi
what if one or both sellers pass in a year or 2 years after the sale, what happens to the money?
John Peterson
So if the withdrawal rate is more than the trust earns and the charity gets less than starting amount, are there tax consequences? Is the income stream taxed?
allen bond
if you did a bridge loan to clear the debt can you pay it off when the property is sold and not incur a taxable event
Jackie Crowley
Couldn't you just have the person in the wings enter an escrow for them to buy the CRT and pay off the loan in the escrow?
Sep Ebrahimi
how does the age changes the formula and distribution?
Farid Arzani
Once a property goes into this trust, can it be changed to another trust or if it does it will have tax consequences.
Gunilla Goudeau
Does the seller has any say-so in what the Trust invests in? And if the stock market were to have a total crash, could the seller then end up with no income?
Farid Arzani
You mentioned about existing loans to be paid off at the time of the sale, could this loans be private loans and if so, is there seasoning issues or not.
John Peterson
But the alternative for the 85 year old, is the heirs would get step up in basis if they kept property to death, correct?
Jackie Crowley
Please discuss cost to do this!!
Sep Ebrahimi
car chief economist