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What you need to know about-Views and ADU's in Palos Verdes. - Shared screen with speaker view
Sandra Allbee
How do the new requirements by CA. with respect to each city having a minimum quota for new units, coupled with ADU' trumping city set back requirements, lot coverage limits, etc., effect the ability of the cities to refuse a project?
Virginia Butler
Re PVE- currently I think a garage is required. Also, the Homes Assn. has setback requirements - are these requirements instantly deleted ? Thank you
Robert Mullarkey
ADU 60 day approval. What happens if the City doesn’t give approval within the 60 day time frame?
michelle lindgren
They will answer all questions at the end
Joe Alessi
How many ADU’s have been approved and completed on the whole Peninsula to date?
Joe Alessi
What was the total cost on that Valmonte garage conversion?
Rita DeBolt
Did you have to add a new garage for the Valmonte ADU?
Rita DeBolt
Thankyou all!