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Firescaping: LEARN HOW TO SAFEGUARD YOUR HOME AGAINST WILDFIRE RISK - Shared screen with speaker view
Karynne Thim
Does PV or LA county have any local ordinances regarding defensible space compliance or vegetation management as referenced on the CAR form?
PVPAR - Johana Garcia
Thank you for your question Karynne and everyone please feel free to type in your questions in the chat box.
PVPAR - Johana Garcia
All questions will be answered at the end of the presentation.
Gary Stager
Yes. LA County is the fire authority for the entire PV peninsula. They make annual inspection of all residences in High Fire Hazzard areas. Home owner is only notified if there is a violation. presently they do not have a program for the certification that is called for on the form.
PVPAR - Johana Garcia
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Karynne Thim
When does LA County do inspections in PV?
Jaime (Joshua) Gonzalez
Thank you!